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Transportation Logistic Services

EGAN-TLC has the perfect mix of vehicles for your needs.
Whether it’s a corporate dinner, a sporting event, or a large group numbering in the 1,000’s, our team of specialists will work with you to develop the ideal application for you and your guests. We will consult with you to determine the most fiscally sound and operationally effective solution for you and your guests.

If you and your guests find yourselves in need of a sedan or SUV for your smaller, more intimate group, or a fleet of buses for your larger group outing, we will consult with you to determine the most fiscally-sound and operationally-effective solution.

We Offer a Complete Line of Vehicles and Options
– Sedans
– SUVs
– Vans
– Shuttles
– Buses
– Executive Vehicles
– Custom and Brand-specific Vehicles

Our experienced hospitality professionals are ready to serve you and your guests. We will review the complete process with our entire team to ensure you and your guests have all of the answers you need.

If you need information on the location of the nearest coffee stand, what’s the best restaurant in town, or the shortest route to the concert venue, we guarantee we will do the research and have the answers for you.

EGAN-TLC Also Provides Personnel Services such as Meet & Greet, Brand Ambassadors and Walking Chaperone and Accompany Assistance.