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Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself and my passion, helping people get from one place to another efficiently and with care That’s why I named my blog “Total Logistics with Care.” I thought doing this blog would be easy – just write about what I believe is necessary to execute an excellent transportation services program. Well, here I sit, struggling to figure out how to gain your attention, how to get you to come back for more, and how to convince you that I have the experience and battle scars to truly know what I am talking about. I decided the best thing to do was start at the beginning. I began my career in advertising on Madison Avenue in New York City and moved from there to a technical role in the financial services industry, which gave me the foundation for what I do today. I continued in the financial sector in roles of increasing responsibility that included travel – lots of travel. Throughout my career, I have personally been involved with thousands of projects with everyone from corporate executives to entertainers, from top-name performers to high-ranking international government officials. It is important to me that you know my approach has been and continues to be the same: Treat everyone, everyone, as a VIP. These experiences and this philosophy have led me to where I am today, at the helm of my own company, Egan – Transportation Logistics Consultants. We’ll save how I arrived at the name of the company for a future blog. For now, let me introduce you to the Total Logistics with Care Blog. The purpose of the blog is to motivate, analyze, educate, debate, ponder and share topics about moving people and caring about doing it. Twice a month on Thursdays look for the latest on topics about travel and people in the form of a dialogue, not a diatribe. To start this off, let me begin with one of my most recent projects. I was managing a project that included multiple shared transfers (people arriving on different flights riding in the same vehicle) from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to a metro Atlanta hotel. During the course of the week, the project included travel back and forth to the airport, local travel to corporate offices, and an evening team-building event. I was originally introduced to the client by hotel management, which emphasized that the client was important to the hotel’s corporate owners. The importance of this client is typical of the clients I serve. I enjoy working with high-profile clients and have a strong track record of successfully exceeding their expectations. This client, who was no less discriminating than many other clients I serve, professionally but emphatically indicated that the project needed to be flawless, adding that anything less would be unacceptable. She entrusted me to serve her and her guests, and from our initial interaction to the final guest being safely transported to the airport the team from EGAN worked diligently to guarantee every facet of the project met her expectations. We sought to provide her with an unyielding commitment to excellent service through the same management approach we take in executing all of our projects. We set the right tone from the first interaction, whether that is picking up the phone, replying to an e-mail or text, or having a face-to-face conversation. We also believe that every project is more than what we see and that projects do not start with either the first person arriving or the last person leaving. At the end of this project, I sat down with the client to perform the usual post-project evaluation. I always start these final overviews by looking for areas of improvement, and so I asked, “What could we have done better?” She leaned back in her chair, thought about the question, and acknowledged that she is a discerning client, admitting she had reservations about the project being carried out to her standards. She said she was especially concerned with flights coming in after business hours and during a time when she had a commitment she could not change or interrupt. Finally, she said that in addition to giving this a lot of thought she asked her guests how everything went with the transportation. After considering their thoughts and analyzing her own experience, she answered the question of what we could have done better with one word: “NOTHING” You should feel very proud of a compliment like that coming from me, she concluded. I did and I do. Thank you, I told her. I hope I can serve her again and I hope I can serve you, too.

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