What’s a transfer?

A transfer, or Point to Point, is simply put a trip from Point A to Point B.  Your vehicle is dedicated to you and only you and those you deem part of your passenger group from Point A to Point B.  The vehicle is scheduled for that one very specific move.  It is crucial to have all the information necessary to ensure your trip is completed successfully.  A transfer, or Point to Point, vehicle may have an associated trip before or after your scheduled trip so it may be necessary to schedule a Charter or Hourly trip, if your trip has the potential of falling outside a specific Point A to Point B designation at a particular time.

What’s a Point to Point?

No need to repeat everything.  Please see, What’s a transfer?, above.

What’s a charter?

A charter is a scheduled trip with a dedicated vehicle for a designated period of time.  Much the same as chartering an airplane or a boat, chartering a ground transportation vehicle indicates the vehicle is solely dedicated to you and/or you and your passenger group.  We can charter any size vehicle from a sedan, SUV, Van, or Bus.  You determine the size necessary to support your requirements.

What’s an Hourly?

Again, no need to repeat everything.  Please see, What’s a charter?, above.

Why do you have minimums?

There are requirements by the Department of Transportation as well as other governing bodies, which require certain requirements.  They also dictate specific standards are followed to provide ground transportation services.  A vehicle and/or driver must follow specific laws of performance.  In compliance with these factors it may be necessary for a driver to be on duty hours before a client scheduled trip.  As a result of these actions, it is necessary to compensate a driver and vehicle for time exhausted.

Can I split up my hourly time?

We do everything we can to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service within their individual budgetary limits.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to split a charter or hourly project into sub segments.  Department of Transportation standards including vehicle and driver performance periods make it compulsory to provide service for a continuous period of time.