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A personal note from Kevin Egan, President, EGAN-TLC

“I have experienced thousands of commercial flights and hotel stays, scheduled ground transportation for large groups, sat in the back seat of a car, bus, van and SUV.  I have also been in the driver’s seat of those vehicles. I have experienced it all from every side of the business, and understand the importance of providing excellent service. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me as well.”


Kevin Egan established Egan Transportation Logistics Consultants (EGAN-TLC) because improving the travel experience and offering stellar service is his guiding principle.  EGAN-TLC’s mission is to provide excellent, highly individualized, and focused service.

We care at EGAN-TLC. From the very first interaction until project completion, we want your experience to be nothing less than spectacular.  We do more than simply provide a service.  We provide the highest level of service possible.

We are a ground transportation logistics company dedicated to providing the best in service.  We listen and respond to every inquiry, and ensure we are constantly monitoring the latest in service and performance.  Our goal is to continually provide our clients with excellent, worry-free service.

We understand that a short flight to the final destination may have been preceded by a two-day journey from the other end of the world.  We recognize that we are the first experience with any city and the last impression when you leave.  That’s why we ensure that your experience will be nothing less than excellent.

That’s who we are.  We are you: A discerning client who expects high-quality service.

It will be our pleasure to serve you.